1. S

    360 Pano Hangar Error

    Hello Commiunity, i have a problem with the App Hangar360 and my P3p. when the photos on the hangar 360 app finish, I get this erro: "Mission Failed - The Operation couldn't be completed. (HangarKit.CommandError error 0.)" i fly with my ipad mini 3 i have the newst version from Hangar and...
  2. Jon Hobbs

    Hangar Autopilot - P3-4k Issues

    I posted this to Hangar support, thought I'd post it here in case someone has had similar experience. It involves using Autopilot with my Phantom 3-4k: Whenever I attempt to execute an automated mission, the Autopilot app goes into RC Override within 1-3 seconds after engaging. So far I've...
  3. Swells

    New Hangar 360 App Coming - Beta Testing Now

    I finally got the chance to Beta test the upcoming Hangar 360 app. The app is as simple as it gets. Turn everything on, open the app, press the takeoff button, automatically file to 300 feet, automatically take 23 pano photos, automatically land, automatically upload the photos to your device...