hangar 360

  1. flyboy73

    Problems with Hangar 360

    Just recently I noticed that all of the Hangar 360 panoramas I have uploaded to their site no longer load. Has anybody else had that problem? I had about 15 panoramas for which the links no longer work. I get a message saying "Error Loading 360." It is a fantastic app and The panoramas were awesome.
  2. Tim Pearson

    Autopilot from AutoFlightLogic/Hangar

    Hi all, I snooped around a little in the forum and didn't find much recent activity about Autopilot. It used to be from a company called AutoFlightLogic - but they got bought out by Hangar. So now it's a Hangar product. Hangar seems focused on commercial customers from what I can see on...
  3. Swells

    New Hangar 360 App Coming - Beta Testing Now

    I finally got the chance to Beta test the upcoming Hangar 360 app. The app is as simple as it gets. Turn everything on, open the app, press the takeoff button, automatically file to 300 feet, automatically take 23 pano photos, automatically land, automatically upload the photos to your device...