1. T

    Drone Shot Out of the Sky- Conroe Texas

    I am a certified 107 guy doing a real estate shoot out in a rural area. I was just about done when I flew backwards to get a wide angle shot about 100 feet up. The lot sizes are about 1 acre. I crossed over the other guys backyard at the back of his property about 150 from his house. He shot...
  2. tml4191

    Fail Army's Drone Fails

  3. M

    Looking to trade AR-15 for Inspire in good shape

    I have a Stag Arms Model 3 AR-15. Gun is about 3 years old about 150 rounds shot Scope ACOG is 4x32 about 2 years old not sure of the model but works great. 493 rounds of ammo 10 of those are ballistic Gun is very clean. When shot the gun was cleaned the same day 2x 30 round Magpul mags 1x...