ground control station

  1. Kristina Fowler

    Creating 2D ortho mosaic under large covered area

    [Phantom 4 Pro] A client wants to create an ortho mosaic under a very large covered area - approx 500' x 100' (assume altitude 30' AGL). Assume no GPS. How do I create the ortho without the aid of GPS (other than hand-flying and estimating image overlap)? Is this a job for a Ground Control...
  2. SpaceCityDrones

    Ground Control Point Questions

    I am looking to find affordable option for group control point kits. For those that are using GCPs on your aerial maps, what are you using? Most of my projects will be in cell range, so if I can take advantage of that signal, and save money, I would love to know my options.
  3. IBV

    Ground control station UGCS

    Hi there, Anybody ussing UGCS? Ground Station Software | UgCS PC Mission Planning Any experience with it?