1. Voy-Tech

    Czesc ! Greetings from Poland :) !

    Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Welcome on board of Dji Phantom 3s. This is Junior Captain Wojtek speaking and I have some information about myself ;) Hello, After drunk-online shopping I recieved Symca x5c the day after. Imagine laying at home half-concious and suddenly UPS guy...
  2. egadgetguy

    Hello from Auburn AL USA!

    Yes, I bought a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. My job is Video Engineer but I do video productions on the side as well as Engineering and IT work. I Have an FAA reg as a hobbyist so I can take my time to A. Take the sUAV test and B. find work. I also registered as a commercial pilot so when I pass...
  3. Fernando Angel Gonzalez

    Best from Costa Rica

    Hello fellows, greetings from Costa Rica; Fernando here with my DJI P3Advance. Tks for the add.
  4. C

    Greetings from Italy

    Hello all from Italy. I'm relatively new to drone world but as a software engineer for work and photographer in my free time the activity are very interlaced and important for me. Looking around the Net found this beautiful forum and loking around show me the presence of very passionate and...