gps tracking

  1. kerrylaw7307

    Drone Tracker for sale - $59. Includes 1 month of service. Only $3/month after that.

    Is anyone interested in a small tracker for your drone? I will be selling a fully functional, ready to go, GSM/GPRS/GPS tracker. It has a pre-configured SIM card installed and the battery is charged. All you have to do is make $3/month payments to the T-mobile account to keep the SIM card...
  2. dan84uk

    Cheap GPS tracking device TK-102 real time tracking setup

    After spending an hour or two pulling my hair out setting this up, i thought id post a little tutorial in case it can help any others inthe future. Im from the UK and im using the Giffgaff cellular network, but the info below can be applied to other networks. The TK-102 is a little GPS tracking...