gps mode

  1. B

    Why are my P1 no longer stable after 3 years of rest!

    Hello, I just recover from the closet 3 Phantoms 1 (yes I know it's a bit old), I was very surprised to find that these drones seem not to obey the instructions of the GPS and have a rough stability. It's easier to pilot in ATTI mode than in GPS mode! In the past, 3 years ago, I flew without any...
  2. GrantKerr

    P4P in ATTI mode switches to GPS mode by itself

    During my last 4 flights with my new P4P (only 2hrs flying time) the ATTI mode would switch back to GPS mode without any reason/warning. This didn't happen with the flights before these. The ATTI mode was selected using the switch on the controller. However the mode would change to GPS and...
  3. A

    Electromagnetic Interference Error and Crash

    Hey guys, Love this forum. I got the P3S yesterday, and have been having heaps of fun, mainly flying low and close in Beginner mode while I get the hang of it. Now, I had no problems yesterday, and then today I went to an empty oval with no buildings, trees, anything I can think of that would...