gps errors

  1. Janine

    Help! My ph 3 pro is going in and out of gps mode

    Does anyone know why my phantom 3 pro is going in and out of GPS mode when i'm video taping? I am not sure how to correct this issue.
  2. J

    Strange Error Code - Possible hardware failure?

    Hello, I have a lightly flown (probably 3+hrs total) P2V+. When I connect it to the PH2 software, I receive a "Calibration Error" with no number associated. I have tried to recalibrate the compass, no joy. If I turn the bird on and it's sitting on a level surface I receive the steady red...
  3. Tsm895

    Gps calibration

    Ok so I've watched countless videos and read the instructions as well as forums and yet everytime I calibrate the gps it never does what the video shows. What am I doing wrong...besides not breathing, standing on one foot, elbows at 42.5 degrees and with only one eye open?