gopro hero 3

  1. Green Phantom

    GoPro Hand Slap - Fun Video

    my latest GoPro video What you think
  2. DJ Avionyx

    Phantom 3 Pro w/ GoPro Secondary Cam

    I don't know if anyone has ever thought or tried this, but I added a curved sticky GoPro mount to the top of my Phantom 3 Pro along with a POV Extender arm and my GoPro Hero 3+ yesterday. Today was my test flying so below are pictures and YouTube video link.
  3. xrayblaster

    Dropping in my 30+ highly edited Phantom 2 Videos Gopro4 Black - what do you think?

    Here's my full playlist of all my highly edited drone videos Fully Edited 28 Video Drone Playlist Link HERE about 85 full minutes of highly edited drone footage
  4. T

    Quick Flight on Mother's Day

    My 4th Flight with the Phantom 2. Gopro Hero 3 Black + H4-3D. Still working up to go long distances.
  5. B

    P1 -Beginners/ Advanced Video series

    Hello Everyone , i am he admin and editor to "Planes , Trains and Gopro " a youtube channel focusing on cheaper or old style quads and making the most professional video possible on the smallest budget . For 2016 we have enquired a phantom 1.1.1 and we have a whole summer ahead and we plan on...