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  1. M

    Litchi, Google Maps and Crystalsky Ultra

    Is there a way to use Google Maps in Litchi on the Crystalsky Ultra monitor. If so how do you load everything and make it work. I tried it once several months ago and it kept giving my errors referring the google store I believe. Thanks for all the help in advance Don
  2. FlyingCircles

    P3P Owner for 6 months, What is DJI Thinking?

    I use to fly my P3P at home around the neighborhood but soon realized that I should be out and away from all of the WiFi signals that exist around me. So I enjoyed going to a local park that presented a perfect place to fly my drone. Signal strength was excellent and never any external...
  3. Techcop50

    Kindle Fire HD - Great match for the Standard!

    I posted this in reply to another thread, but I wanted to make sure my Standard buddies see it. Just finished installing Google Play on my Fire HD 6", running the latest Amazon operating system (5.1.2). Then, I added Google Maps (using the Play store), did a WiFi tether to my Samsung Galaxy 5...