1. RPP

    Canacona Bliss

    Photos and details in my blog post.
  2. RPP

    Light and Mist - Mornin’ in Goa

    More images here - https://blog.parrikar.com/2020/03/01/light-mist/
  3. RPP

    The Boatman

  4. RPP

    Sunrise in Siridona (Photo)

    Taken with the P4. More images in my blog post.
  5. RPP

    Anant Temple (Video)

    My photo essay is here.
  6. RPP

    Some Questions about P4

    I am currently in Goa, India, flying my Phantom 4 and it has been a spectacular couple of weeks of photography. I have a few questions and comments: 1) In the metadata for the photos, I see that the altitude is incorrectly recorded. The value recorded seems to be more than the actual altitude -...