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    SOLD - Phantom 3 Pro + Titan Atlas + Case

    Used for just over a year. In great shape. Never any issues and never any crashes or hard landings. No cracks, scratches or dings. Flies great and the Titan Atlas gives you a solid RC and Video signal at long range and cuts through any interference if flying in heavy building areas. Can fly with...
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    Go Professional backpack for Phantom 3 Standard?

    I want to get a Go Professional backpack for my Phantom 3 Standard..... They only sell them to fit the advanced and professional. They say that you can't modify the foam to fit the controller. Anyone have any experience with this? Any other case/backpack recommendations? Thanks.
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    DJI phantom 3 foam template Go professional backpack

    Hi all! :) Anyone who owns a go professional backpack (std or limited) and can provide me with some size measurements? Got an rush 72 from earlier and got the foam but want to have the size of the foam, how thick the bottom is, and the main pocket for the phantoms legs and more if possible so...