go pro hero 3

  1. T

    Fitting go pro hero 3 to FC40-1

    Hi not sure if this has been asked before Apologies if it has I have a phantom FC40-1 and I'd like to fit my GoPro hero3 to it, with wifi dongle etc, is this possible? If so does anyone know the best mounts to use etc?
  2. phantom 2

    how waterproof is the phantom 2

    i was wondering how waterproof is the phantom 2 can i fly it in light rain
  3. victorymike

    A short post Christmas flight towards the Marquette Mi Ore Dock.

    After Christmas I took a short flight around Mattson Park in Marquette MI. I have everything on order to install an fpv system on my dji phantom 1. I'll be a bit bolder with it installed.