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    2 seconds RAW interval P4 Advanced

    does anyone know if 2 seconds interval RAW shooting, is something that will be available in future updates of the Phantom4 advanced?
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    Erratic DJI Go 4 app

    I recently received a new P4 in exchange for an older P4 whose vision system gave problems (DJI replaced it within the warranty period). I calibrated gimbal and compass before using it, and I downloaded the new DJI Go4 app on my Samsung Note 4 and I must say, I am afraid to fly now. Where my...
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    finding and saving a POI in DJI Go 4 or Litchi

    Hi, everyone. Scenario: I fly to a point to take a photo, I like the location and I want to save that point on Go 4 to use it some other time. Question: Is it possible to save that point? How? Thanks