glitchy video

  1. ImJim

    Constant FPV lag - First flight with 1.11.20 FW

    Hey, Looks like I have new problems every new summer! I'm posting on my boat right now. Just finished an awful P3A flight above the sea... before going to vacation, I properly updated the bird to FW 1.11.20 + batteries + remote. So I started the bird on a flat rock in the middle of the sea, and...
  2. Ozz

    Green Purple Glitchy FPV on Phantom 4

    Bought a used P4, tested ok at the time on IPhone - but I am having possible issues now when i try use Android... The screen is glitchy, especially when close by - and it can actually reboot the whole phone if you try to do anything fancy like "point of interest". I get a reception like the...
  3. S

    Glitchy video

    Hi, I am a new owner of the phantom 4 , just wondering if anyone could give me some info for adjusting the camera , when watching the video, it is very glitchy, almost pausing lots. Thanks