1. T

    Drone not connecting to Controller

    Hey Guys, One day a couple weeks ago my drone stopped connecting to controller i dont know why. SOMEONE HELP (mavic pro) There may be reward for person who fixes it within 48 hours
  2. M


    Hi guys, Just found a site that is giving away DJI Spark, and I joined, here you are: Share your thoughts about DJI Spark, and get it for FREE! GOOD LUCK!
  3. ryantrax

    PhantomPilots Hat Give Away!

    It's time for another give away! Everyone likes free stuff right? I know a lot of you have purchased PhantomPilots decals, shirts and other gear from our Website or our eBay Store and we are looking for some customer images of them. So if you've purchased anything from either locations, window...
  4. Capitan Bastos

    I have a giveaway! (Shot with Phantom 4)

  5. J


    Winner will be selected April 1st!
  6. Eric1084

    DJI Black Friday + Lucky Draw + A Small Giveaway

    Hey everyone, I didn't see a thread for this year's Black Friday yet. So I feel like I should mention it for this year. They are running a promo for both P3 Professional and P3 Standard. The P3 Pro gets $100 off, and a free extra battery. And P3 gets $200 off, making the standard only $599...