gimble cable

  1. A

    Camera/DJI app issue after crash

    The other day I was flying my P3S and I clipped a tree, it fell about 20 feet... The battery was ejected/bent yaw arm and ripped ribbon cable. I replaced the cable and arm. When I power on the drone the camera beeps like an alarm clock, the gimble does not move at all also when I open the...
  2. 98Rangerdave

    Gimble Roll axis won't align after Yaw arm replacement.

    Good morning forum, I recently crashed my P3A and it broke the Yaw arm on it's way down. I replaced the Yaw arm but now when I turn on the drone the Roll axis won't balance out. I can still control the camera pivot up and down from the remote, however the gimble won't balanced out and even...
  3. J

    Broken Gimble Motor

    Anyone know how to repair this cable or where to find a replacement motor with this cable on it? It is from a Phantom 3 Standard.