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  1. N

    DJI Phantom 4 - flicker during move or vertical gimball motion ?

    Hello there, this might be my first post in an excellent forum that i have been watching closely for a year now, learning on the go. Seems there is an issue with my Phantom4 and the following YouTube video demonstrates it, during drone movement or vertical gimball movement i notice this...
  2. asfodelo42


    problem gimbal those who have had this problem ??? after turning on the P3A, the gimball after a few seconds you call into rest, the P3A not read any micro sd cards can not be formatted by P3A, so no chance to reload the firmware, I saw on line many have had the same problem, of course...
  3. R

    Phantom 2 vision plus camera & gimbal only for sale. No Drone $400

    Iam selling my camera and gimball from a Phantom 2 vision plus. $400 shipped here is the listing on ebay. Dji phantom 2 vision plus Camera and Gimbal Only. No Drone. ebay price is higher since i have to pay fees and etc. iam from garden city, KS