gimbal roll

  1. W

    P4P gimbal yaw and roll error - clicking sound

    Has anyone had this problem? The infamous gimbal yaw to the right and motor errors has always been a problem. But now my gimbal cable is getting the gimbal stuck at startup, one can hear it click click when it tries to go down. I think some condensation got onto the cable and it made it...
  2. tml4191

    Mid Flight Horizon Tilt Adjustment ... How to

    Apparently there is a shortcut for the gimbal roll adjustment. This is useful during mid flight. 1. Hold down C2(right side button on the back of the R/C) 2. Adjust the wheel left or right to adjust gimbal (right side) This information was derived from another member on DJi's forum. You can...
  3. E

    Gimbal tilt problem

    Hi everyone, I'm in need of some help. I recently had to send my phantom 3 professional into drone nerds for repair after a minor crash. The fella at the shop said nothing was actually wrong with the unit, he just had to reset the case because of some separation in the body seams. Anyway...