gimbal motor

  1. R

    replacing gimbal motors

    is it possible to put yaw/roll/pitch motors into a gimbal assembly that are not native to the assembly? I believe the gimbal motors all get calibrated as one unit at the factory and replacing motors can throw this off. can anyone confirm? I was able to put a non native pitch motor onto a gimbal...
  2. P

    Which gimbal motor has failed? yaw, pitch, roll...

    When I turn on the P3, the gimbal does nothing. No crazy dance or anything. If I move it side to side, it will emit a faint buzz. The camera is fine, and live view and recording works. There is a "yaw error" in the Go app. Recalibrating doesn't fix it. The gimbal appears fine. No cracks...
  3. R

    replacing gimbal motors

    Is it possible to replace a motor in the gimbal with a motor purchased online? I lost the yaw motor out of my gimbal in a crash and I'd like to repair the gimbal.
  4. wwwjogjaskycom

    Repairing the P4 yaw motor the cheap way. ( Not the best way )

    Repairing the damaged flexible of the yaw motor as a temporary measure waiting for the actual new parts surprisingly works flawlessly... Something to think about.