gimbal going wild

  1. Q

    P3 Standard Gimbal Going Crazy

    After a firmware update, my gimbal started going crazy and the gimbal motors made a really loud sound and also heated up. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?
  2. J

    Gimbal problems

    I took my bird out today for the first time in months (weather and personal reasons) and checked it all before hand. Noticed the gimbal freaking out and vibrating badly, almost like something was stopping it move (There isn't) I ran another IMU calibration and took her out to the local common...
  3. buford

    gimbal goof

    Howdy, Im having trouble with my gimbal. Its shaking like a dog fresh out of the bath, and I cant figure it out. I flew it two weeks ago and the camera started listing to one side. I brought it home, looked on yt, found a similar problem, tried the fix the guy used, then powered it up to see if...