gimbal drift

  1. R

    Gimbal Creep After Firmware Update

    Not sure that it is because of the firmware update, but didn't't notice it before hand. Anyway I noticed while hovering that the gimbal was doing a very slow creeping pan to the right. (Btw if I could only do that when I wanted to! Buttery smooth) Anyway, wondering if any of you have seen...
  2. T

    Getting a P3Pro back in the Air - Gimbal Drift and Video Breakup

    Had a crash, it cracked the shell and broke the yaw arm. I replaced both, and resoldered a couple of the big caps that got knocked loose off the main board. I've done a pretty thorough inspection of all the boards and cables with a loupe, no other components damaged. Also replaced the gimbal...
  3. choopi

    Phantom 3 Advanced: Gimbal Drift

    Ok, I'm on the latest firmware, I use calibrated on perfect level surface and gimbal calibration at same time at about +19c... Just a bit of background, I had P1, P2 x 2, P3 Standard and now this one... This particular P3A have only about 20 flights, never crash, no cracks, it is in pristine...