gimbal base plate

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    Phantom 4 Advanced crash, gimbal mount damage

    Has anyone had to replace the vibration absorber that connects the gimbal to the aircraft frame? I sideswiped some tree foliage with my P4A, and it fell into bushes 50 ft. below that broke the fall. The props weren't broken, nor the landing gear, and no cracks show. It still flies okay and the...
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    Where to buy a replacement for the gimbal fan

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum, so please be mercyful in case I should do anything wrong :) Unfortunately, I recently crashed my phantom 3 professional. The camera gimbal took the most severe damage, I had to install a new flex cable and glue parts of the motor housings back together. It...
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    gimbal base plate cracked

    looks like I have a cracked gimbal base plate. The unit will start up and initialize, and camera still works, but the yaw arm is not free so it acts ready to go, then goes limp. All systems appear to be go, but props will not start so it will not fly. lost power (?!?) and it dropped like a...