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    Can't change! 2.4GHZ - 5.8GHZ

    Hey guys. I try to change GHZ setting but no options shows up. Just auto/custom and Mbps settings. I have the CE version. Any suggestions? P4 standard.
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    Peace of Mind.. Antenna's Actually Tuned for our Drones

    . ...Most Antenna's on the market have poor Return Loss & VSWR specs and the Tuning varies Wildly, thats why you may find or read about 1 set of antenna working reasonable while the performance of another set by the same mfg is abysmal.. I recently purchased a batch of antennas that while within...
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    Please HELP. GHz vs MHz signals.

    I have an important question that I need help with. Because I'm not too versed in frequency bands, I wanted to post something here. If you have any official documentation, all the better. The question is this... Can a Phantom 4, operating at 2.4 Ghz cause interference to a communications tower...