1. C

    Samsung Galaxy Tab E

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab E available to me but I’m an iPad guy. But the thought of a dedicated tab for my P4 is intriguing. Anyone using this tab? Pros and cons vs an iPad?
  2. S

    GO 4 with Litchi with and Galaxy

    Hi Everyone! Got a problem. (I'm using a Phantom 4 Pro) I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8") for my screen (first Android tablet....I'm an iPad guy) and loaded DJI Go 4 (which works most of the time) and then Litchi. SOMETIMES when I connect the tablet to the RC, the bottom of the Galaxy...
  3. Rance

    Is anyone successfully using a Galaxy s7?

    I've heard lots of mixed reviews about the s7 compatibility and performance. Already assuming I have changed to MTP mode, what can i expect? (other than a small screen) I'm doing my best to not break down and buy an iPad right off the bat. Also, has anyone had much luck with some of the newer...
  4. D

    FPV setup? iPad? S5?

    Hi All! Firstly, Thank you in advance because im sure this has been asked before but i've been searching for hours to no avail. I just bought an inspire and im a little stuck where to go from here in regards to the FPV. For the most part, It will be just me flying/filming I have a Samsung...