1. Richard W

    Advanced Gimbal mode of operation ... confused

    Just as a background info, my new P3A came with some minor, I hope, gimbal issue right out of the box. Some more info here ... Camera Angled. | DJI Phantom Forum My question is about FOLLOW vs FPV gimbal mode. I am not able to notice any difference in operation between these two modes. The...
  2. L

    Phantom 2 FPV install pics. Flysight & ImmersionRC

    Tonight I grabbed some beers and put together an FPV system for my Phantom 2. This set up is based on research I've done, and on #6 and #7 of this video series.... I purchased the Flysight, and ImmersionRC on eBay. iOSD, antennae, and SMA convertor from Amazon. I bought the Rave mount from their...