1. Green Phantom

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS! & Thank You!

  2. tml4191

    Why drone taxis are bad for the drone community...Article/Pics

    PopUp: Hybrid Drone Taxi -The Future Is In The Air - WeTalkUAV
  3. Ubibird

    How do you envision the our future with drones?

    As someone who is creating a service that requires the use of drones, I find myself creating a future that makes drones ubiquitous. I'm not sure if its just me living in fantasy land or a drone geek that really wants this to be a part of our daily lives. Sanity check?
  4. Baldrick

    DJI future for Phantom 2

    Hey all! So we all know that DJI don't advertise the Phantom 2 much anymore (obviously) and they even hid it from their website around Christmas time so people would buy Phantom 3s. But what scares me is - when will they stop making batteries? I don't need another battery yet, but may do in 3...
  5. clackey

    The future of drones means drones combined with anything

    This is from the InterDrone keynote yesterday by Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics “Time and time [again], the transformative changes are not the technology; it is who uses the technology,” he said. “[We are] putting powerful tools in the hands of regular people; that is what we are doing with...