1. Green Phantom

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS! & Thank You!

  2. Capitan Bastos

    Ken Heron - Colluding with a Russian DJI OSMO, P4Pro and MAVIC [4K]

    A lot of you have probably watched Ken's videos, I've been subscribed to him for close to two years, and he's usually fun, entertaining and somewhat educational. Really an awesome guy! But this is by far the funniest video I've seen from him so far. A collaboration with this energizer bunny of...
  3. Mike2A

    Woman calls exterminator for 'drone' problem

    From a recent piece in local paper: A local woman contacted an exterminator firm to locate and remove what she believed was a large bee infestation of her storage shed. She explained to the technician who responded, that although she hasn't been able to find the nest, she's clearly heard a...
  4. Stevie_UK

    Warkworth Castle UK and surrounding area - with lols

    Decided to add footage from my P4 to my youtube videos. enjoy the views from the UK, with more coming :) Left or right, Always ready for your.... balls? Funniest unsolicited calls - YouTube by Stevie_UK posted May 13, 2016 at 5:33 PM Enjoy the views.... and the lols ;)
  5. F

    Funny music video about FAA drone rules

    Here's a crack at explaining the FAA drone regulations through the power of musical comedy!
  6. doomclam

    Drone Safety Tips for Easter Eggs(Happy Easter!)

    Clear rotor area Check landing area for obstructions Beware of rotor blast!
  7. AngryBird

    "Follow me" goes wrong.. (video)

    Hi all, Wanted to share this funny video, hope you`ll like it. (I have previously posted this video in P3S forum section, but just now find out there is this section where photos and videos should be shared)

    "I will put a brick through your drone!"

    I thought I would share this experience with you guys, yesterday afternoon i took my phantom 3 to our local beach, I live in England so our summers consist of about 2 weeks of sun if we are lucky anyway, so it was very quiet at this time of year. The tide was out that left some amazing rock...