frozen lake

  1. IamWedge

    This is Lake Superior a week ago. Lots of Ice

    Lake Superior had quite a bit of Ice coverage last week. The snow storms and the wind broke that ice up and its been in the 40's Enjoy the video. This was my first time using a filter and manual camera settings. I got to o much in to the flight to remember checking the camera. Ill figure it out...
  2. OOO

    Frozen Sunset

    My first winter and snow video. Thank you in advance for your comments and feedbacks. 1) No ND filter 2) ISO 100 3) Uploaded at [email protected] fps 4) Simple color correction, no color grading (I’m a colorblind person) 5) P4P plus
  3. Skyer

    Winter Came – Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi there fellow Phantom pilots! Since I flew over the Rose Valley Lake for the first time on a sunny summer afternoon, I wanted to go back and see it turned into a huge skating rink, or ice fishing arena, whatever rocks your boat… ;) In this video you’ll see how nature can go from bright green...