fresh water

  1. F

    Insane Crash And It Still Works!

    So back in February it was a really nice day in New England and I decided to take my P3P up over a pond. And it's a pretty big pond. I took some shot some nice video there and then BOOM. Tree that I did not see because I was stupid and was not looking at the view finder. I was flying towards...
  2. jephoto

    P3 fell in Fresh water advice

    Hi guys. Joined the Phantom swim club. Took off a bit too fast- a bit too close to an overhanging tree. At about 15' high struck some leaves & thin branches, then fell - luckily right at edge of lagoon's cement wall in about 5' of water. Probably submerged for about 5 minutes while I dithered...
  3. I

    Five minutes underwater - and all is well!

    Hi, I'm a new Phantom 2 user - just a few weeks - but I'm getting as much practice in as I can before planning for the UK CAA certification in the spring. I run a modest but successful video production business, now in its fifteenth year, mainly business to business with some documentary and...