fpv android

  1. Elqueso2

    The Dreaded No FPV in my P2V

    Good Morning everyone, Yup have that same stupid nagging problem of no FPV on my P2V with the White “Egg”. Everything worked up to a few days ago using my RE500. I just received my RE700 to replace the RE500. Let me start out to say that I have done so much research on the problem my head...
  2. William Masters

    DJI Go 4 Android Ap...& FPV (Yuneec Skyview) Taking Pictures?

    All, Is it possible to take pictures manually by assigning a preset using the C1 or C2 buttons on the bottom of the P4 Controller, or some other function that I'm not aware of. While using my Skyview FPV Goggles and trying to use my Galaxy Tab 3 to take a Picture is almost impossible...
  3. D

    FPV phantom 3 and VR

    Does anyone know the if the range of the FPV through a smartphone has limitations? I am wondering if a smart phone talks to the controller or the UAS drone itself, and is it a bluetooth connection. Dan B http://homedronevideos.net