1. Q

    Found DJI Spark - Glendale AZ

    Found a DJI Spark Drone Saturday 3/10/18 in Glendale AZ. Let me know if this is yours You will need to tell me: Where you lost it Color WiFi name WiFi Password you will have to pick it up or delivery fee
  2. K

    Drone Found - Route 50 Maryland (Near DC)

    First, I know this may be the incorrect forum or place to put this, but please understand I am not a member here I am just trying to help out who ever lost this drone, please mods if necessary move this post to the correct forum location So straight to the point, I found a Drone this morning...
  3. Jason Sewell

    Found DJI Phantom Advanced, Richmond VA

    My son was paddle boarding on the James River near downtown Richmond, Virginia and found a DJI Phantom Advanced. It looks like it's been in the river at least a year, and doesn't appear to be salvageable. Serial number is P77DCL14B26022. The memory card disintegrated into plastic and silicon...
  4. J


    FOUND Phantom DJI - Has FAA registration number. Must identify to claim. Still has power. High definition camera. Found second week of May. Exhausting resources. Can email me at my hotmail account juju2u. Ginger
  5. B

    Found Crashed Drone Livonia, MI

    One of my employees found a crashed drone in Livonia, MI. No owner name on it, and can't find anywhere to look up a serial number. Was a week or so ago. Have this listed on craigslist as well to find the owner. Thanks!
  6. clackey

    PortMurray , NJ Found Phantom 3

    Message me with the serial number and I'll put you in touch with the person who found it. C.
  7. Z

    found phantom 2V+ in cedar falls iowa

    I found a drone on the sidewalk next to the university of northern iowa campus. It has an FAA Number, which i can post if it helps find the owner. I just want to return it as quick as i can. It is now dead, or i assume it to be. What's some good measures to take to locate the owner? Anything...
  8. G

    Lost /Found Ipad Bremer Bay

    Firstly I have to say what a pain in the *** logging onto here is!. Secondly, Ive found an Ipad and sunlight surround on a 4x4 track near Bremer Bay October 23. It has a Phantom Pilots sticker on the sunlight shield.. If this is yours or you know the owner then get in touch with me , Im in...
  9. tml4191

    Has anyone used Bluetooth/Gps keyfinders on their quadcopters to track?

    Particulary this>>> If found within 100ft, this thing can apparently track down the location. I mean if a quadcopter get's d/c, then the pilot usually knows the area of its last location, so isn't this a useful alternative to the $150+ cellular full service GPS out there? Plus, it's...
  10. Z

    Stranded Crash On Business Building (No permission to access property)

    On Tuesday, August 30th, I ended up losing signal with a return to home altitude that was too low and caused my drone to crash on a building (160 ft high). I met a security guard who was cool enough to go out of his way to check the roof where he is not allowed to be and has confirmed the drone...
  11. J

    P3S fly away 'exit P-GPS mode' and found it a week later, soaking wet, now WORKS FINE

    So I'd only had my P3s about 48 hours when i decided to take it for a evening flight, little did i know the location i was flying in was about 1km away from a high frequency O2 phone mast... Was flying for about 3 minuets at about 100 metres up and no more than 120 metres distance when i got...
  12. clackey

    Phantom Found in Simi Valley, Ca

    Someone found a phantom in their backyard on Saturday evening, Feb 20, 2016 in Simi Valley, California. If you believe it is yours, PM your FAA certificate # to verify and I'll put you in touch with them to retrieve it. C.
  13. NotARubicon

    Found quad-copter near Sliverwood Lake, CA

    Someone I know has found a quad copter near Sliverwood Lake in So.Cal.. Photo on the SD card shows that it looks like the owners drive an old Jeep. If it's yours, contact me with the details of your missing copter and I'll hook you up.