format sd card

  1. jp_flkeys

    Firmware Updates at Start Up

    Just received my P3P back from DJI repair & of course they installed the newest firmware update. The firmware update is still in my sd card along with the results text says it was successful & up to date. When I set up to fly it always wants to update again, getting that beeping alert sound &...
  2. P

    How to format SD card with DJI Go App. (quick tutorial video)

    1 - insert your Sd card in your drone 2 - power both drone and remote 3 - Menu > click on the spanner > scroll down > format SD Card. I hope you find this helpful. - Phil PS: let me know if you have questions or run into issues. (obviously make sure you backed up the content of your SD card, it...
  3. P

    How to Format SD with DJI Go Pro app?

    to quickly format your SD card using the DJI go APP, you need 1 - the drone (with a bit of battery left) 2 - your controller 3 - the official DJI app on your device (android) or IOS Thanks -Phil