forest drone shot

  1. Zorro

    Get off the Couch

    P4Pro Was having a bad day, laying on the couch feeling miserable. My girlfriend got tired of looking at me and told me to get out and do something about it. So I did.
  2. Zorro

    Something new! Flying inside a forest between the trees!

    Wanted to make a different kind of dronevideo this time, and have thought long about learning to fly in tight areas and get more closeup filming. And flying inside a forest between the trees and among the treetops was the first video I wanted to make. Asked around in forums for best AND safest...
  3. B

    My phantom 2 totaled - at least a good crash video I'm left with

    I just had a great experience filming a video with some friends about my friend who makes axes in his garage. While we were filming one of the critical forest shots, we had an unfortunate loss of communication with my Phantom II, after which we found the gimbal and drone in shambles. The good...