follow me mode problem

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    Litchi follow mode problems

    I have a P3 Standard and I downloaded the Litchi APP. I went to try and use the "follow you" portion and it continually said 'Error not enough satellites' I had 12 satellites at the time? How many satellites do you need? Or if you are having the same problem please let me now if you found a...
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    DJI P3S Follow Me Mode Not Working

    Dear all, I'm newbie in flying drones. I couldn't get my P3S follow me mode to work correctly. It will follow the first time I activate the mode, then it stops following & just hovering at the same place. The other time, it says GPS not supported. I am using a Noted 5. Please help. Tq
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    Standard Follow Me Problem

    Hello, I have a problem with my phantom 3 standard. software 1.6.8 which I updated when buying a drone. Unfortunately, multiple flight mode does not work follow me. I did everything like on this film then I made a downgrade to 1.5.7 and the problem with follow me still there. My phone samsung...