flytrex live 3g

  1. Skipholiday


    I've been a huge supporter of Flytrex sense the release of the core flytrex which I still have. They were the best tracker black box innovators in the market in my opinion, Flytrex did so much more than just locate your lost UAV. They kept evolving and getting better and better. My last...
  2. Skipholiday

    Flytrex Live and Flytrex Live 3G Not working

    has FlyTrex stop supporting Flytrex Live and Flytrex Live 3G? My last flight showing on the flytrex page is 5-25-2016. I fly every day its not raining. is there s a problem? Does anyone have any information? Thanks
  3. S

    Flytrex to to support full telemetry data

    Anyone have an idea when Flytrex will support full telemetry data for the P3P? Right now it is just GPS data I believe, and calculations based on that. I had the Flytrex CANBUS for my P2V+ and loved it, and would really like the Flytrex for the P3P but waiting for full integration of telemetry...
  4. S

    Original Flytrex Live 3G work with P3?

    I bought one of the original Flytrex Live 3G back in Dec 2014 for my P2+. Will it work with a P3A. It is unclear if they actually came out with a newer version of the Flytrex Live 3G for the P3. -Scott
  5. L

    New Flytrex live 3g with Phantom 2 cable for sale

    Hi, I'm selling a brand new, never used Flytrex Live 3G with the cable for the DJI Phantom 2. Bought direct from Flytrex and never used it Flytrex Live 3G with Flytrex Live Installation Cable For DJI Phantom 2