1. J

    Phantom 4 pro 2.0 not connection to ground station pro app

    I purchased a phantom 4 pro 2.0 to use for flyovers for measuring stockpiles. The drone will not connect to the ground station pro app. Does anyone know if the app is compatible with the 2.0 and if not when the updates will be made so it can connect?
  2. impurenergy

    Stadium footage and pics preparing for the Asian Games 2018

    Beautiful sports complex thats under renovations for the upcoming 2018 Asian Games. Any feedback on the videos and pics is greatly welcomed. Really enjoying this forum as of late. Its really helping me to up my game. Gelora Bung Karno Stadium 2018 Asian Games (With Video)
  3. R


    All that remains of an industrial past...
  4. Matty1551

    *VIDEO* Apple Campus 2: March 2016 Update

    Hey All. Fairly new to the forum. I cut together this video from a handful of flights I did earlier today. Did this with my P3A. All input both positive and negative would be greatly appreciated.