flying over water

  1. gringorio

    Shark Boat Orbit, Isla Guadalupe

    On my last drone venture to Isla Guadalupe we also saw several shark diving boats. One day on the way back to land on the sailboat I saw one passing close by and decided to take a swing around it. You can see them dragging tuna and shark diving cages on the way to their next anchorage.
  2. D

    Best settings for flying over water

    Can anyone advise what the best settings are for flying over water with a P4? I find that my drone starts spinning after about a minute of hovering over water. I have tried turning off the vision positioning sensors, but it had no effect.
  3. N

    Phantom 3 Standard over water at a local fisherman's cove

    After almost 2 weeks without flying due to high winds, I was finally able to go out this weekend and get some beautiful footage of a local fisherman's cove I have been wanting to film for a while. Check it out below !
  4. B

    Flying over water...advice wanted

    Hi... I am really really a newbie when it comes to drones. I would love some advice on flying over water. I am making a documentary this July where I will get to ride on the El Galeon, a 170 ft Tall Ship from the Cleveland area to Bay City, Michigan. I will be spending 4 days on board the...
  5. toddsworld

    Any Tips flying over water?

    Hi everyone, I just got my Phantom 3S and haven't had the opportunity yet to fly it of any distance over 25 feet away from me due to gusty winds. My backyard is located on a lake and I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips about how to safely fly over bodies of water. I know I am probably...