1. Clench M'cheeks

    Pontoons/Floats Phantom Water Landing Gear

    i recently ran across these while investigating a set of r/c airplane pontoons to affix to my phantom... Anybody have anything like on their craft? Or know anybody? The thought of water anywhere near my drone makes me nervous, but if you're flying over water it seems like a great safety device...
  2. Coleza

    Adventure: Combined Gimbal Guard and All-Terrain Landing Gear

    Carrying around a landing pad can get cumbersome, especially while backcountry hiking in Myanmar or just packing light on your flight to Lake Garda. And a busted camera from a wonky landing in the rocks will just make your whole kit a backpack of useless luggage for the rest of the trip. Those...
  3. S

    DIY Phantom floats

    My brother finished the first version of his Phantom floats this morning and tried them out in the pool and in flight. The entire contraption comes in at 233 extra grams. It does bring the horizontal speed down to about 22mph, the tips of the bottles come into view at some points during...