1. N

    Water recovery float by Getterback

    There is a device called Getterback that was originally for fishing poles but now offered for drones. Has anyone tried one and had actual success recoveriing a water crashed Phantom? With DJI Care Refresh the key to getting a low cost replacement drone is to recover the body. It doesn't matter...
  2. Adam Morrison

    WaterStrider—Make Confident Takeoffs & Landings Anywhere

    Greetings to the Phantom Pilots community! My name is Adam Morrison, and I'm one of the co-founders of DroneRafts LLC. I wanted to introduce you all to our new and exciting product called WaterStrider. Since the early fall of last year, our team has been totally dedicated to developing and...
  3. S

    DIY Phantom floats

    My brother finished the first version of his Phantom floats this morning and tried them out in the pool and in flight. The entire contraption comes in at 233 extra grams. It does bring the horizontal speed down to about 22mph, the tips of the bottles come into view at some points during...