flir vue pro

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    Flir Vue Pro 336 19mm

    Hey there, Selling my Flir Vue Pro that I used to make a Phantom 3 solar-farm inspection setup. Works great! I just cant afford to keep this kind of hobby going since it didnt turn in to a business. Comes with the box and cable and everything; will post pictures later today just wanted to...
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    Phantom + FLIR thermal camera questions

    Hi all, I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to drones (never owned one!) , but I am working on a student project in which we will need to purchase a drone with thermal imaging capabilities. Our budget isn't that large, so we were thinking of purchasing a Phantom. I was reading a bit on this...
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    FLIR Distributors

    Hi All, Hoping I can get a list of distributors of FLIR technology for drones that I can contact and hopefully borrow a FLIR camera for testing before making a big budget decision on purchasing a few for a conservation project. Any help is appreciated. Regards Bruce
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    Flir Vue Pro

    Hi All, After some advice from some who stalks a lot and posts very infrequently. I have mentioned a few times before that I am an archaeologist. I use my P2 with one of MortarArts 3D printed mounts to shoot archaeological remains. You can check out my work at Gallery One thing people do in...