flight recorder

  1. Ing Zimmerman

    Where are the .DAT files on Phantom 4 PRO?

    Hi all. I am looking to find my .DAT files of my Phantom 4 PRO. I have a P3 Pro and I have found my .DAT files with a USB connection in the front of the Drone. But there is nos such thing on the P4 PRO. So where are they located. I would like to use them with DatCon . I have found some .DAT...
  2. Dronason

    Use of DATcon and CSVview with the Spark

    With the Spark and currently no RC, it is a hard time to fly it and I got many issues with wifi signal level. In one case it just hang in the air without doing anything until I realize that I had both table and phone setup to the wifi of the Spark and after loosing the control from the tablet...
  3. gr8pics

    Transfer flight data from one account to another

    Lets say i buy a used Phantom, and would like to continue the stats from the previous owner, is that possible? Is it possible to check the total stats even with a different account? Does the Phantom store all stats at all, or does it start all over again with a new account? Batteries store total...