flight record issue

  1. Chuck1906

    Missing Flight Records…Crystal Sky - Go App.

    I did some flying on December 7th and I flew two batteries that day. When I pulled up the flight records in the Go App on my C.S., I am only seeing the flight from the one battery and not the other. How can this be? I have been using the DJI feature to sync my flight records to the cloud right...
  2. F

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro/ App Malfuction

    My drone crashed in the water after my App crashed. DJI just wants to give me 15% off a new one instead of replacing it. Has anyone else ran into this kind of issue?
  3. H

    Flight Record Issue

    Hello, when I access my flight records on my tablet I get 3 different "profiles" that I have used at one time or another. I want to merge all 3 profiles into one so I can see all of my data under one profile. Any idea on how to do this? Thanks!