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    Gimbal Issues On Pro Camera Installed On Advanced Body

    I recently got a second hand P3A that had been crashed in April last year. It came with a Pro gimbal that had a broken arm (snapped in half, ribbon cable broken), and two Adv gimbals, other one installed and working. I don't know if the other Adv gimbal works, because stupid me already took the...
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    Help - Gimbal going crazy after crash (video) and replacing antenna wires.

    Hi all, I've attached a short video of what it does on start up and also some pics. Only the main white cable can be connected. So after crashing into a tree this is what I have. The golden u.fl connectors are detached and the flexible flat cable has a crack in it. I think the crazy dancing is...
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    Gimbal acts weird on start up

    I just replaced the flat cable for my P3S after a minor crash. Additionally, one of the gimbal motors separated, but it seems to go right back together without a problem. DJI Go just says there's a gimbal problem and I have to contact DJI. Here's a video and a picture to help show what I'm...
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    No Camera/Video Capture - after Crash Phantom 3

    Look at the video ... Could anyone help??? Drone Issue.mp4
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    Flat cable brown

    Hi there. I was wondering if somebody knows where I could find this brown flat cable for the yaw motor. I am not able to find it on the internet. Thanks