flashing lights

  1. D

    Camera issues in P2Vision+

    Good evening everyone, The last two months I face a serious problem with my camera. Without any reason, no crash or anything. The camera when is recording video, it makes random flashes in all over the image. This is obvious in dark colors but I can see it in bright colors too. Actually...
  2. MilkyWayCC

    Flashing Yellow/DISCONNECTED

    Hello All. Happy New Year. New to this forum. DJI User since Model 2 Phantom 2013. Have a Phantom 3 Pro currently in CA for engine failure repair. Bought a used Phantom 3 Advanced. After an engine start up and hover test flight with previous owner I brought it home. Uprgraded Controller, then...
  3. D

    Warning lights and P2 not taking off with original control (but flying away with different control)!

    Hello Phantom Pilots, I purchased a (second (hand)) P2 but I have not managed to fly it so far! The first issue I have encoutered is the (1) green light and (3) flashing red lights. Secondly it will not take off with the original controller. It doesn't sound like it has enough power but it...