1. frands1

    My New Phantom 4, New YT channel and New Video (Simple 1st day Setup)

    Hi community. I sold my P4 and bought me a P4 Pro. I wanted to share my first day video, for initial setup. My YT channel is mostly about spanish content but this video has Spanish and English information. It's very simple so it won't help many of the users here, but it can maybe be useful for...
  2. Paulie1340

    My first experience flying waypoints with Litchi

    First off, I'm using Litchi because I really like the idea of building a flight plan while sitting in my La-Z-Boy, carefully reviewing it and then going out and flying it. Just can't imagine what the DJI folks were thinking about doing it the way they do it. (IMHO & not the point of this post)...
  3. thefrisbee995

    Finally Got SOME Usable Footage From The P4P!

    After having the Phantom 4 Pro for almost a month and it raining or being foggy most of the daytime where I haven't busy/ working, I have enough footage to make a video around my surrounding area that looks kind of nice. Check it out: I'm by no means a professional with video, drones or...
  4. Rjak

    The Old Watcher

    Here is my first video project incorporating a drone, a refurb Phantom 3 Standard which my AMAZING wife bought me for Christmas. I have been studying drone piloting for 5 months, and practicing with a Propel Atom during that time. While I love aerial-only drone videos, I find I always want...
  5. O

    First video- Criticize please

    Took my first video and did super basic editing through MAGIX. Let me know what you think!
  6. T

    First Flight

    Hi all, Newbie here, just got my hands on the P3A and took my first flight yesterday. Ive been flying quadcopters for approximately 6 months, so pretty new to all this. Photography is my passion and really excited about the new avenues that opens up through the use of the Phantom. Never...
  7. H

    First Video (Kansas City)

    Not too long but here is my first video! Let me know what you think, and how I can improve! Thank you!
  8. H

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey everyone I recently just picked up a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. I have got it out a few times and I love it! Here is a short video I put together if anyone would like to check it out!
  9. H

    Seattle here, P3P, first flight today and already crashed, sort of!!

    So I took a class to help me get over the first flight jitters (awesome class!) and successfully caught my bird on landing after my first flight. I set it down on top of my open GPC hard case and step back for someone else's turn to fly. Damned if they did not lose control on landing and...
  10. cocoamedia

    First Flight...

    Weather has been rubbish in the UK recently but managed to get my first ever Phantom flight in today with my P3P. Non eventful flight (apart from the fact that my heart was in my mouth all the time), stopped flying at 45% battery just to be safe first time round. Managed an auto take off and...