firmware version

  1. GundoLarry

    DJI GO: Aircraft & RC versions should match?

    Thought I'd do a little verification to make sure all the components were up to latest version. In the DJI GO app (Menu>About...), I noticed that the Aircraft was 1.7.60, and RC was 1.5.80. Do the RC and Aircraft need to match? The launch screen (Aircraft Status) shows "Normal / Good" for...
  2. jephoto

    P3 FW Version advice for iPhone iOS 9

    Hi guys, Being in Chicago even though theres time a CAN fly in winter, it's mostly pretty drab & ugly to shoot. And **** cold... So, I've not been flying pretty much since Thanksgiving. My firmware (P3 Pro) is still at P3X_FW_V01.04.0010 And I've kept my iPad Mini 3 at iOS 8.4 - and have up...