firmware v 1.10.90

  1. S

    Professional 2017-05-27 F/ware Vers, SD card protected

    good evening, in a real pickle here and need some help please P3P. Latest GoApp 3.1.10 ... Latest iOS 10.3.2. What RC version should align with latest P3P A/c fware v1.10? I have RC at v1.8 according to the app. Ran P3P a/c firmware upgrade to v1.10. The upgrade seemed to end successfully...
  2. wawakool

    Phantom 3 Pro Firmware v1.10.90 update Successful tips Shared !!!

    Hello friends. I had update my phantom 3 pro with the latest firmware and i wanted to share with you how i do it. Little issue observed and how i correct it after reading many things on internet. 1. classic stuff. Download the firmware, format micro sd card (fat32) and copy the bin file on...