firmware upgrade failed

  1. D Greg

    P4 Aircraft Firmware Update Failure

    Could not find anything in the forums exactly like my problem. I have a P4. Opened DJI Go4 app and it said I needed to upgrade firmware on both controller and aircraft. Upgraded controller I see I should have done that after upgraded controller okay. Tried upgrading...
  2. E

    Phantom 3 Standart firmware upgrade failed(1.6.80). HELP please cry :'(

    Hi. I have bought P3S and make firmware upgrade. Everything was ok. And now after 15 days I got a message an my phone that i need to upgrade. So I pressed start. In show me 20% and in 2 minutes "upgrade failed" here is a log from SD card " ========== 2016.07.25 20:59:16 =====================...