firmware 1.6 fail

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    New firmware 1.7.90 for P3S

    Hey guys. there is a beta firmware called 1.7.90 for P3S. is there anyone who have tried that??? what is results with the signal lost issue?? is there any improvement ???? Thanks Dilan
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    Controller Problems

    My controller won't update to the new firmware via any method (micro sd, usb drive, micro usb to gimble, mobile device.) I've noticed that the controller powers on dirrectly when pressing the button, rather than requiring you to press the button twice. I feel like these two problems may be...
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    RC & app disconnected during FW update, now nothing works...

    Went to update p3p RC FW and near the end it got disconnected due to a loose fitting usb port. (More on that later) Now the controller will not connect to aircraft. It doesn't beep at all now and has a white light instead of red or blue. I was updating to FW version 1.6 from the...